1) LOOK for your Link Magnet COUPON CODE in your email after purchasing your recruiting video package license at

2) NEXT, in order to Sign Up at
• Select your country. (USA/Canada)
Choose how many links you need. You need one for you, and one for each rep in your base shop who can do appointments without you.
• Choose Monthly or Annual. Annual offers significant discount.
• Select ADD TO CART. If you are an Apple user, do NOT use “Buy Now” one click option.
• On the payment page, enter your LinkMagnet
   COUPON CODE to save $250.
• Make payment.

3) Link Magnet will send you an email with a link to your DASHBOARD and your PASSWORD.
Copy the password and tap/click the LINK to your Dashboard (provided above the password).

4) Log into your Dashboard. Enter the same email address you signed up for with LinkMagnet, and use the password you just copied.

5) Add Field Trainers. Once logged into your dashboard, you will be on the Field Trainers page.
• Tap/click ADD NEW FT. Enter your name and email FIRST as a Field Trainer. This sets up your link.
• You will receive the same email that will be sent to ALL your Field Trainers. In that email, you will find
a unique link to the 20 minute video, and a link to the 2 minute video.

As the RVP, ignore the
dashboard link in this email as you already have yours.

The 2 minute link is not unique to you. ALL Field Trainers will receive the same link for this.


Repeat this process for people in your Base Shop.
Then on the right side of the screen, turn ON the BCC if you want to receive copies of the
notification emails your Field Trainers receive when a prospect responds.


• Click Reports in upper left to track your base shop activity. If you want to see only your personal activity, click the link in the upper left on that page that says: “Show My Reports”

• Click Videos in upper left to access links to the Chapters and the 20 minute video without the form. This 20 minute version is normally used when you show the video to a group, i.e. Opp. Mtg.

• If you see a tab for “Old Reports” or “Old Surveys”, ignore this. It will go away soon.

• Use dashboard for accountability, competition, and recognition. This increases activity. There is a one hour recording of SNSD Dean Francis on the Telegram chat on ways to do this.

Adding more links is easy. Once you max out, the button that says “Add New FT” will change to “Get More Links”. Click "here" and proceed.

• If a field trainer forgets their link or dashboard, you can click the box to the left of their name, and then click “Re-send Email”. You can change field trainer info by tapping “Modify.”

• If you want to delete an entry of a prospect, you can check the box in front of their name, and then tap "Deactivate."

LinkMagnet does not track the 2 minute video at this time, but possibly soon.

• JOIN the LFIC Telegram group: First; Download Telegram app to your cellphone. Once that is completed, click on this link:

• For customer service: or TEXT (804) 570-2016.